Gas Pedal® Disassembly Lever Hellcat

Gas Pedal® Disassembly Lever Hellcat

Gas Pedal® Disassembly Lever Hellcat


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Product Details

  • Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate high power shots much easier.
  • High texture pedal
  • Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands
  • Ultimate gender equality.
    • Helps eliminate windage error AKA trigger jerk
  • Fits many holsters and virtually all with minor mod
    • Adds only about .250" width of gun compared to stock and fits most holsters. Those that don't fit, require only minor mods
  • No gunsmithing
    • Drop in easy DIY part
  • Concept proven in racing having dominated National and World Championships
  • Minimal addition of width
  • No sang design
  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb
  • Saves on ammo training costs
    • Much quicked to master than traditional methods
  • Genuine Gas Pedal® brand
  • CNC billet milled out of 4140 RH 32
  • Angle your thumb 45 degrees to bore. DO NOT press straight down. If your thumb slides off, you are not putting pressure in the right direction.
  • Instructions for best use